In 1992, the SCG decided to start the publication of a non-specialized multidisciplinar scientific-technic journal.

The issue «00» of the journal Mol was released in January 1993. Since 2011 the journal publish articles in Spanish and English, and since 2015, the Editorial Board is being renewed with the incorporation of scientists from different countries.

Coordinator of publications: MsIr Gonzalo Puerto. Environment. SPAIN
Editor-in-Chief: Prof Antonio M. De Ron. Genetics. SPAIN
Associate Editor: Dr Pedro Revilla. Agrobiology. SPAIN

Editorial Board (in alphabetical order):

Dr Ana Bellón. Scientific journalism. SPAIN
Dr Manuel L. Casalderrey. Chemistry. SPAIN
Dr Fernando Cobo. Hydrobiology. SPAIN
Prof Jorge Del Rio Montiel. Engineering. MEXICO
Dr Marta Galván. Agronomy. ARGENTINA
MSc José M. Gil. Mathematics. SPAIN
Ms Daiva Jackuniene. Education. LITHUANIA
Dr Rouxlene van der Merwe. Plant breeding. SOUTH AFRICA
Prof Eleftheria Papadimitriou. Geophysics. GREECE
Dr José B. Peleteiro. Oceanography. SPAIN
Dr Laureano Simón. Biotechnology. SPAIN
Dr Svetla Sofkova. Horticulture. NEW ZEALAND
Dr Francesca Sparvoli. Nutrition. ITALY
Dr Grazina Tautvaisiene. Theoretical Physics and Astronomy. LITHUANIA

Mol issues since 1993

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